An eCanter. For (almost) every job. 

For inner-city distribution, sometimes more than just one truck body is needed - because there are many different challenges: delivery routes through narrow streers full of parked cars, heavy loads, or particularly for driving in zero emission zones. 

FUSO knows how eMobility works. And makes it work for you. 



Electric drive module.

The Next Generation eCanter has a highly efficient electric drive unit, the Electric Drive Module (EDM), consisting of the eMotor and the eAxle.
• The state-of-the-art eMotor features permanent magnet synchronous drive and water cooling
• Two options:
129 kW peak / 110 kW cont.
110 kW peak / 85 kW cont.
• The eMotor offers higher maximum torque across the entire speed range when needed, yet is quieter and smoother with low vibration
• eAxle technology enables a compact driveline with an integrated differential and no propshaft


FUSO has equipped the Next Generation eCanter with different battery pack options; Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L):
• The nominal capacity of the batteries:
S - 41.3 kWh (up to 70 km range)
M - 82.6 kWh ( up to 140 km range)
L - 123.9 kWh (up to 200 km range)*/**
• 94% of nominal battery capacity is usable
• An effective water cooling system always keeps the battery at an optimal temperature and helps to prolong the life span of the battery
• Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries are less dependent on raw materials such as nickel, cobalt or manganese

* Range data is based on test results under limited test conditions. Electricity Economy (EE) may vary according to various external conditions such as e.g. loading, driving style, weather, battery age, vehicle options.
Therefore the range is an estimation depending on individual vehicle usage and these external factors. The real range can be below or above the mentioned value.
** Values have been derived under following conditions: Load condition: 50% payload, Body application: Box body, Ambient temperature: 20 °C, average battery age.