Supporting Midlands Langar Seva Society

We are proud to support the fabulous work that Midlands Langar Seva Society undertakes in our local community.

Our Birmingham Van Sales Executive, Carl Ricketts, has recently handed the keys of our Sprinter L2 H2 demonstrator to Sharon Kaur of Langar Seva. Sharon and her team will use our vehicle to help deliver vital services throughout the West Midlands. It was fantastic to see the excellent work this charity undertakes & it is a pleasure to support them. As an added bonus, we got to see boxer Josh Hymes going through his paces in their community gym which, was opened by no other than Tyson Fury’s father, John Fury.


"For the past two months, Midlands Langar Seva Society has been using one of our demonstrator Sprinters to help deliver vital services throughout the West Midlands. Sharon from MLSS, has recently updated us with some of the projects they have worked on. "MLSS would like to express their deep gratitude for your incredible generosity in letting us borrow your van for two months. Over the past couple of months, the van has been used to support in so many ways; it’s truly been amazing to have! It has directly helped in providing over 10,000 hot meals to the homeless in such a short period of time. It has also helped us collect donations which in the past we may have had to turn down as we didn’t have the facilities to collect them. Being able to get to these collections has allowed us to build our emergency relief stock piles and supplies for our winter outreach support projects such as our ‘shoe box appeal’ and ‘Christmas Dinner."

"Having this van also supported our first-ever Soccer Aid event by allowing us to carry more bulkier items, the event was a huge success. Having a vehicle like this available for an organisation like ourselves is invaluable. The impact such a simple thing can have when utilised effectively is incredible. We cannot thank you enough for allowing us to use this vehicle; we truly appreciate it."

Find out more about the Midlands Langar Seva Society here >>

Supporting Midlands Langar Seva Society