Q + A with our Truck Trainee Truck Sales Executive

Get to know more about Dan - he is 3 months into his FastTrack Truck Training Course here at Midlands Truck & Van. Find out what he thinks about kickstarting your career with a Mercedes-Benz course. 

 - Take us back to your first week, how did it go?

  - When I first joined the truck team, I wasn’t exactly sure on how I would react to it but after having the introduction to the truck team and completing the first days of my training at Wentworth Park. I realised this could be a good way to create a career and have a job that challenges me and has room to develop further within the industry. 

 - What have you learned throughout your course? Have you met any people so far that are of positive influence within the industry?

 - During my time at Wentworth Park, I have gained a wealth of knowledge throughout my courses with both product knowledge and customer interactions. Anyone of whom I have interacted with has been nothing but helpful and I have not had any interactions with anyone who would not like me to succeed, everyone I have met wants nothing more than for me to succeed in this role and that is a very big motivating factor for myself.

 -What training and courses have you taken so far?

 - I have taken many training courses so far and quite a few more are still yet to come there is so much to learn both within the industry and the people and companies or businesses that impact the future of the truck industry and business-to-business sales.

 - What are you looking forward to learning about in your future training?

 -For my future training I am very intrigued by the impact that the transition from diesel to EV is going to have. I will be Learning about this in future training as this will heavily impact the time ahead within the truck industry and this is a very exciting future for both us and the customers who will be purchasing and operating these trucks.

 - What can you see in your future within the truck industry?

 - For my future in this industry, I would hope that within the transition of diesel to EV I will have adapted my industry insights to the future and will continue to use this in my future interactions with both customers and prospects and I would hope to be very successful in this role and contribute to the future of trucks.

We will catch up with Dan again later in the year to see how he is progressing. 

Q + A with our Truck Trainee Truck Sales Executive