Actros L

Impressive the whole way.

Relaxed driving, more efficient working, more comfortable living: the Actros L redefines the premium class of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Its boasts an impressive premium interior, with the option of innovative new LED headlamps and numerous features, to make every journey as pleasant as possible.

StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace variants have a 2.5-metre wide cab with a flat floor, there is also additional insulation to reduce noise levels.

An enhanced driver comfort and convenience are various equipment details, including seat covers, new door trim, a comfortable mattress with 45mm thick topper and a tactile cab rear panel in the bed area.

The seating position has been lowered by 40 mm for more relaxed driving and a comfortable view of the road.

Actros L

You'll never forget your first encounter with an Actros L.

The Actros shines out, not only because of its new and innovatively developed optional LED headlamps. Experience the upgreat.