The new Actros. Ready to set a new standard.

A truck ahead of its time. The new Actros meets the continually growing demands in long-distance and heavy-duty distribution haulage more effectively than ever. With enhanced efficiency. With unique comfort. And with exemplary reliability.

Comfort reinvented.

The new Actros lends concepts such as freedom of movement and atmosphere a whole new meaning without losing sight of drivers' everyday work. To promote drivers' productivity and counteract fatigue, we have redefined comfort once again.


Comfort and work in perfect harmony.

Comfort is more than just luxury. It is our answer to the need for higher standards in long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage, providing for pleasant working and driving conditions.

Advantages at a glance.

  • The newly designed workplace with Multimedia Cockpit1, multifunction steering wheel featuring Touch Control Buttons2, MirrorCam and electronic parking brake provides for enhanced driving comfort, ergonomics and ease of operation.
  • Active Drive Assist is optionally available for certain Actros models to actively relieve the driver's workload and enhance driving safety
  • Simple handling and operation of the most diverse vehicle and body functions via the secondary Multi-Touch-Display2
  • Mercedes-Benz Truck Navigation4,2 with Traffic Sign Assist, dynamic route guidance and Live Traffic Information


[1] Optional item for S- and M-cabs.
[2] Not in conjunction with Classic Cockpit.
[3] Not for ADR vehicles.
[4] Option, standard in conjunction with Multimedia Cockpit, interactive.


Star-quality trucks.

On the move and on breaks alike, the interior of the new Actros is a continual source of fresh motivation for the tough job in long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage.

Advantages at a glance.

  • High-quality, attractive interior design with distinct separation of workplace and living area
  • New interior light concept for optimum illumination of the cab
  • LED ambient lighting and LED ambient driving and living lighting for a particularly warm and snug light mood and better orientation during breaks or night-time driving
  • StyleLine and TrendLine interior concepts to individualise the interior and exterior

Anyone who spends a lot of time on the road needs space of their own. And space for the essentials that are on board during long journeys. This is why the cabs of the Actros offer particularly spacious interiors – with vast amounts of stowage space

Advantages at a glance.

  • Vast range of stowage facilities
  • Stowage capacity of up to 332 l above windscreen
  • Stowage compartments beneath the bed with a capacity of up to 558 l
  • Optional refrigerator with a capacity of up to 36 l
  • Optional folding table integrated into the dash support on the co-driver's side


With the SoloStar Concept and the extremely comfortable beds, the new Actros has all the qualities that really count when it comes to living and sleeping comfort in the long-distance transport sector.

Advantages at a glance.

  • SoloStar Concept1 optionally available for outstanding living comfort
  • Comfortable beds1 measuring up to 2200 mm in length and 750 mm in width
  • Upper comfort bed with level control and a width of 750 mm2,1
  • Upper comfort bedoptionally available with a width of 600 mm
  • 7-zone comfort mattress, optionally PremiumComfort mattress


[1] Not available for S-cab and M-cabs.

[2] Standard in conjunction with SoloStar Concept.


With its cabs, the new Actros offers an ideal option for virtually every type of requirement in long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage. A perfect combination of design and functionality which is also underscored in unique fashion by its striking exterior.

Advantages at a glance.

  • 17 cab variants for use in long-distance haulage and heavy-duty distribution haulage
  • Striking, enhanced exterior design and further optimised aerodynamics
  • A distinctive light signature, optional automatic high/low beam and cornering light1, LED daytime running lamps and LED tail lamps
  • MirrorCam2, optional optimised roof spoiler and cab side deflectors for further fuel savings
  • Optional ExtraLine and GigaSpace upgrade equipment packages for an even more striking and individual look


[1] Not in conjunction with 320 mm engine tunnel and not in conjumction with straight front axle.

[2] Not for ADR vehicles.


Economical to the core.

The new Actros stands for reliable, fuel-saving vehicle technology, lower costs and higher profitability. In a nutshell: greater efficiency. Low fuel consumption is a crucial contributory factor to economic efficiency. This is a virtue that the Actros has demonstrated in daily use.


The lower your fuel consumption, the lower your overall costs. With this in mind, we have given our all to reduce fuel consumption as standard on the new Actros.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Economical, reliable Euro VI engines in four displacement classes
  • Finely coordinated drivetrain configurations with 12-speed automated gearshift and optimised final-drive ratio
  • Fuel-saving drive programs
  • Further optimised, sophisticated aerodynamics
  • Fuel-efficient auxiliary consumers


Our trucks are especially economical vehicles at your disposal.However, the attractive Mercedes-Benz services and the expected high residual value at the end of the service life also ensure low costs.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Optional Mercedes-Benz service contracts for monthly instalment planning as well as increased vehicle availability:
  • Approved Used Trucks – professional used vehicle organisation for purchase and sale of used trucks of all brands, age groups and models
  • Guaranteed residual value by means of the optional buy-back contract which is concluded at the time of purchase
  • No risk to trade-in value at end of contract


Arrive safely – with the support of innovative assistance systems to improve driving safety which actively relieve the strain on the driver and treat the vehicle and the load with sufficient care, thereby contributing to higher efficiency. On every journey.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Comprehensive scope of standard equipment, including Active Brake Assist, Stability Control Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Attention Assist and follow-me-home lighting
  • Active Drive Assist1 for enhanced driving comfort and high efficiency
  • Proximity Control Assist2 with stop-and-go function, Active Brake Assist 53, Cornering Assist1, Sideguard Assist4, electronic parking brake with HOLD function, Trailer Stability Assist5
  • MirrorCam6 for enhanced visibility and added safety during manoeuvring, turning off and lane changing
  • High/low beam and cornering light1,7: enhanced safety with automatic high, low beam and cornering light, LED daytime running lamps7, LED tail lamps1
  • Bi-xenon headlamps1, cornering light1, front fog lamp1


[1] Special equipment.
[2] Optional extra, only in conjunction with Active Brake Assist 5.
[3] Optional equipment, only in conjunction with Proximity Control Assist.
[4] Option, standard in conjunction with Multimedia Cockpit, interactive.
[5] Only in conjunction with trailer with ABS/EBS.
[6] Not for ADR vehicles.
[7] Not in conjunction with 320 mm engine tunnel and not in conjunction with straight front axle.


Intelligent networking of vehicle, Mercedes-Benz Service and your transport company enable vehicle use, vehicle capacity and the efficiency of your logistics processes to be increased noticeably.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Mercedes-Benz Uptime1,2 real-time tailored service for customers that facilitates planning of workshop visits and vehicle availability
  • Truck Data Centre as the basis for all Fleetboard services
  • Service24h: fast help around the clock in emergencies3
  • Tight-knit workshop network with approx. 1700 service outlets, long workshop opening hours, many operate 24 hours a day until 10 p.m.
  • Programmable special module to facilitate the control and operation of bodies via the Multi-Touch-Display in the Multimedia Cockpit
  • Additional switches in the cockpit for simple and safe handling of add-on equipment


[1] Can be combined with all Fleetboard services.
[2] Fitted as standard with option to deselect.
[3] Please first notify the police and rescue services if any person is injured.


The Predictive Powertrain Control system which now comes as standard provides a simple means of saving even more fuel.On motorways, A and B roads and city streets alike.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Up to 5% less fuel consumption as standard
  • Identification of the course of the road, such as uphill and downhill gradients, junctions and roundabouts
  • Optimisation of shift points, gear selection and the cruise-control speed setting
  • Optimum use of the system via traffic-dependent setting with adjustable upper and lower hysteresis plus dedicated Traffic Sign Assist
  • Now usable not only on motorways, but on A and B roads as well


Especially reliable - thanks to over 110 years of experience in vehicle construction.


Giving you that extra edge.

During the construction of our trucks, we always use the strictest quality standards: Real-life requirements. Or in short: Your requirements.
For us, this means providing you with trucks that operate without a hitch, even in extreme conditions and in difficult terrain. In other words: “Trucks you can trust”.

As your partner who helps you to master your daily transport tasks efficiently, we will continue to put our all into ensuring you have reliable vehicles at your disposal. With the wealth of experience that comes from more than 110 years in vehicle manufacturing. With trucks boasting robust components that have been tried and tested thousands of times and equipment designed to cope with the topographic and climatic conditions that prevail where the vehicles are to be operated.


Advantages at a glance.

  • Reliability results from robust design and production at Mercedes-Benz with an emphasis on durability
  • Finely coordinated drivetrain configurations in particularly robust design offering extended service lives
  • Application specific axles as well as frame, chassis, suspension and brake components
  • Application Information Centre in Wörth with around 180 practical industry-specific solutions
  • Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks for tailored body building
  • Long maintenance intervals and service-oriented design for lower repair and maintenance costs
  • Mercedes-Benz GenuineParts for reliability and value retention as well as Genuine Remanufactured Parts as a cost-effective alternative

Technical data

With its economical, reliable Euro VI engines as well as 17 cab variants, the new Actros provides a solution for almost every requirement.


Economical, reliable Euro VI engines in four displacement categories. Future-oriented technology, up to 460 kW (625 hp) and 3000 Nm maximum torque.


With 17 cab variants in two widths, with five roof shapes (CompactSpace, ClassicSpace, StreamSpace, BigSpace and GigaSpace) and three engine tunnel variants (320 mm, 170 mm, level floor), the Actros offers an ideal cab variant for practically all requirements in terms of space, equipment and comfort.

Highlights and more facts

With the Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories and the industry-specific vehicle concepts, the new Actros helps to make long-distance haulage work easier and more pleasant.


Genuine Accessories for your genuine Mercedes-Benz.

The comprehensive range of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Accessories offers broad scope for individual solutions.


Advantages at a glance.

  • Stunning looks: shining stainless steel side panelling
  • Roof lamp bracketand additional headlights for enhanced visibility, also with LED technology
  • Ambient lighting2 with a total of 136 LEDs for a cosy atmosphere in the cab
  • Extra wide upper bed for enhanced resting and sleeping comfort
  • Side window wind deflectors for protection from airflow


[1] Please observe country-specific legal requirements for the attachment and use of additional headlamps.
[2] Not available in conjunction with factory-fitted ambient lighting.

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