What Makes the New Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Better



The MBUX infotainment system debuts in the new Sprinter. It offers a wealth of features via a high resolution 7-inch touchscreen*, including optional LINGUATRONIC ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice control and What3words, our geocoded map system.

*10.25 inch screen is an optional extra, standard equipment with 7 inch screen.


The new Sprinter leads the way with sixth sense safety and security – it offers a powerful suite of standard features. This includes Active Brake Assist, and a class-leading array of optional extras. Equally as reassuring are the Sprinter’s alarm, deadlock and visible VIN.


With a high payload and lowered loading height compared to the rear wheel drive variant, this option is the first series-production van with 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission.

*Applies to front wheel drive automatic transmissions only

Key features


-Multifunction steering wheel – All controls, all in one place, for a streamlined cabin and safe operation while driving. 
-Keyless start – Start your vehicle at the push of a button.
-Reversing Cameras – An optional range of reversing cameras, including 360° for easy parking and manoeuvring.
-Electric parking brake – An optional feature – simply and conveniently operated via a button.
-DAB radio – The new Sprinter is the first to receive DAB radio as standard.



Self-locking double wing door

Ensures visibility isn’t compromised when adding body conversions to the van.


Composite rear springs – State-of-the-art system that increases the vehicle’s payload by up to 11.5kg.



Simply and conveniently operated via a button.


Dial up your pulling power with the best van for towing and a choice of uprated van trailer couplings.

*driveline & configuration dependant.

Mercedes PRO Connect

Mercedes PRO connect is the only fully integrated telematics solution on the market, giving businesses of all sizes a cost-effective way to intelligently connect fleet managers, drivers and vehicles in real time – improving accountability, driving efficiency and seamlessly keeping your business moving.

Manage maintenance and repairs, receive alerts in safety critical events such as low brake fluid and receive automatic roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident.

Save time and enjoy complete visibility over vehicle use – Digital Records show data from all completed trips, saving time when it comes to record-keeping, helping to optimise regular trips, and separating business and personal use.

The vehicle tracking system provides a real-time overview of each vehicle’s status, location, fuel levels and more, to allow for better planning and more responsive deployment of vehicles.

Reduce fuel consumption and increase safety – data on each user’s driving style gives actionable insights to optimise fuel efficiency and safety.

Plan and manage assignments online and communicate them directly to drivers, improving productivity with the integrated fleet telematics.

Get there faster and more efficiently with navigation that draws data from multiple sources including other Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans, to give drivers the very best route. 

Control each van from anywhere in the world – fleet managers can operate certain functions of the vehicle remotely and give multiple users keyless access to the same vehicle, improving van security.

New Mercedes Sprinters can communicate with each other and the traffic infrastructure, transmitting information on things like hazards and traffic.

Safety features

This form of driver assist detects signs of drowsiness and inattention and instructs drivers to take a break.

Connects the van with the emergency services automatically in event of a serious accident.

The optional feature automatically detects oncoming vehicles and dims full beam at night.

This optional feature allows the driver to set and keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

Reacts to driving conditions that could cause slips or skids by reducing engine power.

Engines & Transmission

The Sprinter Chassis offers both Four-cylinder and V6 turbocharged common-rail diesel engines with power outputs ranging from 113 hp to 160 hp and 190 hp respectively.

For single cab models, Front wheel drive is available on L1 and L2 lengths, whilst Rear wheel drive is available on L1, L2 and L3 lengths. Double cab models are available in Rear wheel drive only.

6 speed manual transmission is standard on all models. Automatic transmission is optionally available, with 9G-TRONIC on Front Wheel drive and 7G-TRONIC PLUS on Rear Wheel drive.

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