Mercedes PRO connect

No other manufacturer or software provider gives you greater visibility of your Mercedes-Benz fleet, for free*.

The digital evolution of the van is here. Raise efficiency, improve safety, maximise security and reduce costs with Mercedes PRO connect, the world’s most intelligent, free* integrated vehicle monitoring software, designed to keep businesses moving.

  • No other manufacturer offers its own integrated vehicle monitoring software as standard, meaning no costly installation of ‘black boxes’ or software subscriptions for the first 3 years.
  • No other manufacturer or third party software provider reports data from as many points on and around the vehicle, in real time. 
  • No other manufacturer gives you greater control over your fleet, while saving time and money.


*With the Sprinter and Vito from May 2019 production, we offer a range of connected vehicle services free of charge.
These include: MB Emergency Call System (eCall), Maintenance Management, Accident and Breakdown Management, Fleet Communication and Digital Trip Management. We also offer a range of extended services, which are offered free of charge, for three years. These extended services include: Vehicle Supervision, Vehicle Operations, Theft Warning, Eco Monitor and Safety Monitor (from 07/2019).  Additional premium services are also available to purchase via our Mercedes PRO eStore, including: Remote Services and Digital Driver’s log. The service ‘Internet in the van’ which acts as a WiFi hotspot requires a separate data contract with Vodafone. Navigation Services are offered free of charge in conjunction with factory-fitted MBUX Navigation (E1E), for three years. Full service information is available at

Click here to download the PRO connect brochure 

Discover ultimate connectivity

With an advanced suite of intelligent services included as standard, Mercedes PRO connect has everything you’ll need to keep your business moving.

Your desktop platform for a real-time picture of your entire vehicle fleet. Communicate with each driver, see vehicle locations, access maintenance status and reminders, geofence alerts, contract information and more.

MBUX Headunit with optional navigation in the vehicle's state-of-the-art dashborad dosplay with hi-res 7 or 10-inch touchscreen. Send your drivers all the information they need to do the job using our innovative Sennd-2-vehicle technology.

Mercedes PRO connect app allows driver-manager communication with vehicle overview, driver self-assignment and vehicle search.

Powerful features as standard

Monitor a core selection of critical parts such as brake fluid and brake pads. Access driver analysis1 data to promote safer driving and get additional protection through Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call System, which automatically calls the emergency services on behalf of the driver for faster rescue time.  

Using the app or desktop platform, drivers and fleet managers can see the location of their vehicles at all times. You can also receive alerts in the event of a potential theft, with live-GPS tracking to help with the recovery of the vehicle.

Improve job dispatch with better fleet communication. Review fuel economy metrics for your vehicles and drivers, and monitor a range of vehicle data such as mileage, AdBlue® level, fuel level and service requirements.

Mercedes PRO connect premium

By choosing Premium features you can ensure even greater safety, security and efficiency. It can cost businesses over £500 a day if one of your vehicles is off the road, so our advanced Uptime technology can quickly prove its worth. Here’s a selection of the Premium options.

Uptime (coming soon)

Check the complete status of your fleet from your desktop and maximise vehicle uptime. Access diagnostic data from 100 onboard sensors showing everything from defective headlamps to fault codes in real-time, allowing you to optimise repair and maintenance. In the event of an urgent fault, Mercedes-Benz will contact you to arrange the fastest possible fix. 

MBUX Navigation Services

The Sprinter offers an information-rich high resolution 7 or 10-inch touchscreen navigation system. You can enhance driver communication further with Premium connected features such as Live Traffic, Vehicle-to-X communication, Send-to-vehicle and our industry leading voice assistant “Hey Mercedes”.  

Remote Vehicle Access

Control each van from anywhere in the world. You and your drivers can operate a range of functions of the vehicle remotely and you can give multiple drivers keyless access to the same vehicle. There’s even the option to pre-heat the vehicle ahead of each journey.

Digital Driver's Log

View and record driver’s individual journeys and allow them to enter the trip’s purpose, making it simple to separate business and private journeys. Claiming expenses is easier too, with accurate records for reimbursing business mileage.