6 Month catch up with our Trainee Truck Sales Executive

We're catching up with Dan - he is half way though his 12 month FastTrack Truck Training Course here at Midlands Truck & Van. Find out what he thinks about kickstarting your career with a Mercedes-Benz course. 

You’re 6 months in now – halfway through the fast-track programme. How’s it going?

I am pleased with the way the course and the process is going. I think I have learned a lot from when I first started, and I look forward to continuing this process. There is still plenty of information to learn but this course has taught me more than enough so far to start getting stuck in.

What skills have you learnt that you’re now putting into practice?

Some of the skills I have learnt include the wealth of product knowledge and customer relations. Particularly customer relations, as this is something you encounter often and the more I interact with customers the more I have to put my learning into practice, helping to build new client relationships.

Do you have anything upcoming that you’re looking forward to training wise?

Yes, there is plenty of training with regards to electric vehicles including a trip in the near future with a ride and drive with the new generation FUSO eCanter. In addition, I’m sure there will be much more to come and as this is new for most sectors it is always interesting to learn.

Are there any challenges that you’re currently facing during your training?

There are plenty of challenges we currently have to face as with the future of electric there are lots of new questions being asked. This is something that we will all have to face and adapt to the future, including the changes with current infrastructure and some of the mindsets people have about electric vehicles.

What goals do you want to achieve within the next 3 months during your training?

I want to gain a better understanding of products and new features that are coming in the future, and to be able and confident within discussing those subjects. This, alongside implementing the knowledge I already have hopefully will help me have a successful career.



6 Month catch up with our Trainee Truck Sales Executive